Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heirloom Stair and Iron Receives Three National Awards

Heirloom Stair & Iron Inc. has won three awards for outstanding craftsmanship in an international competition sponsored by the National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA). The event was open to more than 700 member firms throughout the United States and in 12 foreign countries.

Heirloom Stair & Iron Inc. received the following awards:
  • GOLD- Exterior Railings & Fences
  • BRONZE- Interior Railings - Forged
  • BRONZE- Furniture & Accessory Fabrication – Forged
The presentation was made at a banquet in New Orleans, LA, on March 19 during NOMMA's 53rd annual conference. The Ernest Wiemann Top Job Awards Competition is an annual contest that recognizes outstanding work in the ornamental and miscellaneous metals industry.

To learn more about Heirloom Stair & Iron, Inc., click here.

Call for Nominations for Board of Directors of HBA of Greenville

To: Members of the HBA of Greenville

The Nominating Committee of the HBA of Greenville has begun work on nominations to the HBA of Greenville Board of Directors for 2012. In addition, there is currently a vacancy on the Board of Directors for a Builder member. The following are the positions for which nominations are being sought:
  • Builder Member (currently vacant), term expires December 31, 2013 (must be a Builder member or an Affiliate member of a Builder member company)
  • Builder Member (2), term expires December 31, 2014 (must be a Builder member or an Affiliate member of a Builder member company)
  • Associate Member (2), term expires December 31, 2014 (must be an Associate member or an Affiliate member of an Associate member company)
  • Vice President (1), term expries December 31, 2012 (must be a Builder member or an Affiliate member of a Builder member company; must be willing to rise to the position of President in 2014)
  • Associate Vice President (1), term expires December 31, 2012 (must be an Associate member or an Affiliate member of an Associate member company)
Election of the Builder member of the Board of Directors, which position is currently vacant, is planned for the Board of Directors meeting on May 17 and will take office immediately. The person elected to this position will stand for reelection by the full membership for the remainder of his or her term at the association's annual meeting in November.

The remainder of the positions will stand for election by the full membership at the association's annual meeting in November and take office on January 1, 2012.

If you are interested in serving in any of the positions above, please indicate your interest by sending an email to Michael Dey, Executive Vice President.

The 2011 Nominating Committee is as follows:
  • Tom Dillard, CGP, Chair
  • Wayne Moore, Vice Chair
  • Hal Dillard
  • Robert Markel, CGR
  • Eric Hedrick
  • Michael Cox
  • Tom Ward

SCHBSIF Announces New Name

South Carolina Home Builders Self Insurance Fund has announced the name of the insurance company that will succeed the fund when it converts to a mutual insurance company this summer: South Carolina Home Builders Insurance Group.

The SIF is planning to convert to a mutual insurance company on July 1, 2011, for all new policies. Existing policy holders will have their insurance written by the new company beginning in 2012.

The conversion to a mutual insurance company is intended to make the Home Builders Association's workers compensation insurance program more competitive.

EPA Issues Fines for Lead Violations

Two window replacement contractors recently agreed to pay civil penalties totaling over $50,000 in administrative actions taken by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for failing to provide the agency’s "Renovate Right" brochure to “at least 37” residents and property owners prior to the completion of services rendered.

In both cases, the companies were cited for failing to distribute the brochure as required rather than for ignoring specific steps and measures for containment and clean-up mandated by the EPA. Both cases involved a paperwork audit.

Eleven states are now administering their own audits. According to a source at the EPA, the agency has yet to take legal action against contractors for specifically violating the Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) containment and clean-up rules.

A press release regarding the mentioned legal actions, posted to the EPA's website, fueled speculation that the agency may be stepping up audits and possibly even on-site inspections in connection with RRP enforcement.

Check for Lead, a Florida-based online supplier of materials for contractors involved with lead-safe renovation, launched a website in which contractors seeking information about EPA audits in their area may view a map that flags locations where EPA audits can be verified as having taken place and gain insight from those who have already gone through the audit process themselves. To see Check for Lead's map, click here. To date no enforcement actions have been verified in South Carolina by the website.

Foreclosures are falling in Greenville; News is mixed in the rest of South Carolina

According to RealtyTrac, foreclosures are down in Greenville County 21 percent in the first quarter over the fourth quarter of 2010 and 33 percent when compared to one year ago.

The news is more mixed in the rest of the state. Statewide foreclosures are down 12 percent since the fourth quarter and 14 percent since the first quarter of last year. However, foreclosures are up in both Anderson and Spartanburg when compared to the same quarter last year.

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Todd Usher earns the Master Certified Green Professional (MCGP) educational designation

Todd Usher, MCGP, president of Addison Homes, LLC, and past president of the HBA of Greenville, is the first person in the country to earn the Master Certified Green Professional (MCGP) educational designation - the new standard for home builders and remodelers experienced in sustainable construction techniques, project management and building science. 
The Master Certified Green Professional is an exclusive designation offered by the National Association of Home Builders and designed to teach building industry professionals strategies for incorporating green building principles into homes using cost-effective and affordable options.  This new designation builds on the Certified Green Professional (CGP) designation that was introduced in February 2008 and has since become NAHB's most successful educational designation program.
Candidates of this program must have completed the CGP coursework requirements, have five years' experience in green building, and have certified at least three homes in a three-year period to a nationally recognized rating system, such as the National Green Building Standard.  Unlike the CGP educational designation, which can be earned by real estate brokers, sales and marketing professionals, and suppliers and manufacturers to the home building industry, the Master CGP designation is open only to builders and remodelers.  By earning this designation, Master CGPs gain a greater understanding of sustainable building techniques, knowledge of methods to achieve higher energy efficiency, marketing and sales tools specifically tailored to green building, and the business practices that foster success.

For more information on the Master CGP program click here.

New Homes Strengthen Economy Year-Round

While the housing industry celebrates New Homes Month in April, home builders want Americans to know just how much of a positive, direct impact residential construction has on the U.S. economy throughout the entire year.

"Home building is a key driver of the American economy," said NAHB Chairman Bob Nielsen, a home builder from Reno, Nev. "By generating economic activity including new income and jobs, purchases of goods and services, and revenue for local governments, housing—which has historically accounted for around 17 percent of the GDP—can put America back to work."

Economists at the National Association of Home Builders estimate that the one-year local impacts of building 100 single-family homes in a typical metro area include $21.1 million in local income, $2.2 million in taxes and other local government revenue, and 324 local jobs.

The employment effects extend beyond the home building industry. About half of the jobs are in construction, with the other 50 percent creating employment opportunities in industries ranging from production and sales of home furnishings to service providers such as real estate attorneys and landscapers.

Those 100 new homes also provide the community with additional, annually-recurring impacts of $3.1 million in local income, $743,000 in taxes and other revenue for local governments, and 53 local jobs.

The income earned from construction activity is spent and recycled in the local economy, and the new homes that are built become occupied by residents who pay taxes and buy locally produced goods and services. Those tax revenues help pay for a wide range of government services, including local school teachers, police departments and road repairs.

In order to accommodate population growth and necessary replacement of older homes, however, a long-run trend of approximately 1.7 million new homes a year is needed. Yet as of February 2011, the annual projection for housing starts stood at less than 500,000.

"The gap between actual home starts and what is required to fulfill America's future housing needs represents more than 3 million jobs," said Nielsen. "Restoring the health of the housing industry is a crucial first step in stabilizing our country's path to economic recovery."

During New Homes Month, home builders also bring attention to the advantages of newly-built homes, including safety, amenities, energy efficiency and floor plans to fit a wide variety of modern lifestyles. Combined with today's near record-low interest rates and competitive prices, the current market offers new home buyers unprecedented opportunities.

Home buyers can access resources to help guide them through the home-buying process on NAHB's website at

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dillard-Jones Named Southern Living Custom Builder For Asheville, NC

The Southern Living Custom Builder Program has named Dillard-Jones Builders its exclusive representative in the Asheville, NC market. A member of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program since 2006, Dillard-Jones Builders is the magazine’s exclusive custom builder representative in the Greenville SC market.

The Southern Living Custom Builder Program is an invitation-only network of approximately 100 custom homebuilders throughout the South. Members are selected based on: their reputation among local businesses and consumers; strength of presence in their respective markets; superior quality and attention to detail; and innovative style. Builders are required to re-apply each year and are evaluated by Southern Living to assure they have met the standards.

In 2009, Dillard-Jones Builders was named the Southern Living Builder of the Year marking the first time a South Carolina homebuilder had won the prestigious award. Dillard-Jones received the 2009 award for its successful presentation of a Southern Living Showcase Home in Tuscany Falls. In 2011, Dillard-Jones was again named Builder of the Year by Southern Living becoming the first company in the 18-year history of the program to win the award twice. The 2011 award honored the successful presentation of the Southern Living Showcase Home in Claremont.

Danny Joyner named President of Prudential C. Dan Joyner, Realtors

Prudential C. Dan Joyner Co., Realtors has named Danny Joyner as president and David Crigler as executive vice president and chief operations officer.

Read the entire report at GSA Business by clicking here.