Friday, December 7, 2012

Real Estate Commission Issues New Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement

The S.C. Real Estate Commission has issued a new Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement. The new form was issued November 28, 2013, and is effective and must be in use on or before January 1, 2013.

The form applies to all single-family homes and buildings up to four dwelling units. However, the use of the form is NOT REQUIRED when the transfer involves the first sale of a home that has never been inhabited.

Major changes to the form include the addition of Question 13 to disclose individual repairs in excess of $500 to the systems disclosed in the form, as well as the addition of questions 27-40 related to disclosure of property restrictions.

You may download the form and the list of exemptions at by clicking here.

The S.C. Real Estate Commission acted December 18 to grandfather any current listings. The new form will apply only to listings added on or after January 1, 2013. The new form also applies to listings that expire and are renewed in 2013. Remember new construction is exempt from the requirement to use the Seller Disclosure Form.

HBA of Greenville welcome's new members!

We would like to welcome new Associate members DPS LLC- James McCarter and The Haro Group of Keller Williams- Haro Setian, also Builder Affiliate members Carter Barksdale and Wayne Smith both of Dan Ryan Builders.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rep. Bruce Bannister Elected S.C. House Majority Leader

Representative Bruce W. Bannister
Majority Leader Bruce Bannister
Rep. Bruce Bannister, House member from Greenville, was elected today as the House Majority Leader of the S.C. House of Representatives. He has been Assistant Majority Leader since 2008. Bruce represents the district that was previously represented by David Wilkins. He is an attorney here in Greenville.

The Majority Leader is the leader of the Republican Caucus in the S.C. House.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Duke Energy Security Deposit Procedure Released

Beginning in February 2013, Duke Energy will review internal credit history for all builders, property managers, landlords and realtors when they request new electric service.  If a customer has not established a satisfactory credit history – or has no credit history – a security deposit will be required before new service can be established. In addition, builders, property managers, landlords and realtors must settle any unpaid obligations prior to establishing new electric service accounts. Our credit evaluation is based on regulatory guidelines.

Security will not be required when satisfactory credit history has been established.
An account has a satisfactory credit history if electric service has been active for more than 12 consecutive billing months, and during the past 12 months:
  • Service has never been disconnected for nonpayment of the bill.
  • There have been no more than two past due bills.
Security will be required if credit history is unsatisfactory. An account has an unsatisfactory credit history if the customer has unpaid bills, or if, during the past 12 months:
  • There have been more than two past due bills.
  • Service was disconnected for nonpayment of the bill.
Security deposit amounts
  • Residential permanent service for builders, property managers, landlords and realtors : $50
  • Non-residential permanent service for builders, property managers, landlords and realtors:
  • If contract demand is less than or equal to 15 kilowatts (kW): $100
  • If contract demand is between 16 kW and 30 kW: $200
  • If contract demand is greater than or equal to 31 kW: The security amount will be determined based on kilowatt load and assessment of the customer’s credit.
Learn more at