Friday, September 14, 2012

HBA Softball Tournament Champs- Stageberg Builders.

It's "SAFE" to say that Friday, September 7th was a great day in which Stageberg Builders beat out the Greer State Bank Giants and the Vass Markets Bull Dogs in a 3 game tournament to take the HBA Championship. It was a great afternoon at Butler Springs Park and there were some great plays by several players including the HBA staffs own Michael Dey who hit a triple and was cheered on by his Vass Markets team garnering the white and red jersey. The event was sponsored by Progress Lighting and there was a BBQ dinner hosted by the HBA of Greenville afterward.
The team rosters were as follows.  
Stageberg Builders: Joe Hoover, Silas Lewis, Rhett Hancock, Mark Pittman, Skylar Jackson, Greg Gambrell, Nick Campbell, Nick Klaus, and Dan Stageberg- team captain.
Vass Markets, Bull Dogs: Clay Guthrie, Todd Voyer, Keith Goodson, Brian De Young, Michael Dey, Thomas De Young, Will, Dawson, and Kathy Vass- team captain.
Greer State Bank, Giants: Michael Galloway, Mark Galloway, Alex Galloway, Jimmy Francis, Tim Kallainen, Justin Kalliainen, Joy Kamees, Mindi Calvery, Robin Williams, Dee Bowen, Blake Presley, and Scott Presley- team captain.

                                                     The winning team, Stageburg Builders! (above)

Until next year! Thank you to all the participants and to Progress Lighting for their sponsorship.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

$6000 in Down Payment Assistance? WOW!

Newly Constructed Homes May Qualify for $6000 in Down
Payment Assistance

(Columbia)-Perhaps the only thing more exciting than buying your first, new home would be getting $6000 to help with the down payment and closing costs. 
Beginning September 15, the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority (SC State Housing) will launch the SC Housing New Construction Initiative for qualified homebuyers in the state to purchase newly constructed homes.  Funds may be used to help cover a down payment, closing costs and prepaid items.
The program hopes to not only help new homebuyers make the move to homeownership, but to help boost the building industry in South Carolina as well.  “Homebuilders and the home construction industry mean jobs, revenue and stronger communities for our state,” said Mark Nix, Executive Director of the Home Builders Association of South Carolina. “When the home building industry does well, the whole economy benefits.  We don’t just build houses; we build jobs, and we build communities.”
In addition to the $6000, the program offers a low, fixed 4% interest rate. Teachers, nurses, law enforcement officers, firefighter, veterans, correctional officers, and EMS workers may qualify for an even lower 3.5% interest rate through SC State Housing’s Palmetto Heroes program.
“Our homeownership programs are focused on driving economic development in South Carolina,” said SC State Housing Executive Director Valarie M. Williams.  “This program will help the homebuilders create new jobs, real estate professionals make more sales and families and individuals build the equity that owning a home makes possible.”
Borrowers must meet SC State Housing income, home price and credit requirements. 
Details may be found by visiting or calling SC State Housing at
SC State Housing is self-sustaining and receives no state appropriations.  For more
information, visit

If you would like additional information or have questions about this topic, please contact
Clayton Ingram at (803) 896-9520 or

Monday, September 10, 2012

Huffington Post: A Rental Society is not the Answer

The Irreplaceable Opportunity of Homeownership: A Rental Society Is Not the Answer

Some have recently suggested that in the wake of the housing foreclosure crisis, America should become a society whose housing is more centered on rental units than homeownership. A move in that direction would be a mistake.

One of the persistent and unfortunate myths of the housing crisis is that a push to expand homeownership was culpable for the housing crash. This is plainly and demonstrably false.

Read the entire report at HuffingtonPost/Business by clicking here.