Friday, August 5, 2016

A Chance for Certifications at the 21st Century Building Expo

The 21st Century Building Expo and Conference in Charlotte, NC will be September 13-15, 2016 at the Charlotte Convention Center. The floor will be filled with vendors showcasing the latest technologies and trends, as well as seminars where builders and remodelers can receive Continuing Education credits. Courses like Financial Management, Diversification, and Marketing and Sales for Building Professionals will be available to those who register. To see the full schedule of classes offered, visit the Expo's website.

Floor passes are free if you register before September 1.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

More Ways to Save

The Home Builders Association of Greenville is involved in many different discount programs that allow members to save money on various national supplies and services. We also have one exclusively for Greenville members called the Member to Member Discount.

Any member can offer their services at a discounted price to other Home Builders Association members, and any member can receive the benefits as well. To see the current discounts available to you, or apply to offer your own discount, click here.

Lots in 2015 Smallest on Record

The median lot size of a new single-family detached home sold in 2015 dropped under 8,600 square feet for the first time since the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction started tracking the series.

An acre is 43,560 square feet, so the current median lot size is just under one-fifth of an acre. Using a football field as a measuring stick, 5.6 median lots would fit between the goal lines of a football field in 2015.

As National Association of Home Builders economist Natalia Siniavskaia reports in a recent Eye on Housing blog post, although the nation’s lots are getting smaller on average, the regional differences in lot sizes persist.

Looking at single-family (attached and detached) spec homes started in 2015, the median lot size in New England exceeds half an acre. This is 2.6 times larger than the national median.

New England is known for strict local zoning regulations that often require very low densities. Therefore, it is not surprising that more than half of single-family spec homes started in New England are built on some of the largest lots in the nation, with more than half of the lots exceeding half an acre.

The East South Central Division is a distant second, with the median lot occupying less than one-third of an acre. The Pacific Division, where densities are high and developed land is scarce, has the smallest lots – half of them are under 0.15 acres. The neighboring Mountain and West South Central Divisions also report typical lots smaller than the national median, at 0.17 and 0.16 acres, respectively.

Our Condolences

On behalf of the Home Builders Association of Greenville members and staff, we would like to extend our sincere sympathy to the family of James W. Niell, father of Beth Smith and father-in-law of Chet Smith, both agents with BHHS C Dan Joyner – North Pleasantburg.

Services were held on Thursday, July 28, 2016, in Charlotte, NC. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Quarter 1 Report: $5,376 Earned in Member Rebates

All of our Builder and Remodeler members have access to the Home Builders Association of South Carolina's Member Rebate Program---but not many are utilizing it.

The two Home Builders Association of Greenville members who cashed in their rebates thus far for the first quarter of 2016 cumulatively earned $5,376 back in rebates. 

The program is easy to apply for and can save you thousands of dollars annually for simply using the products and brands that you may already use.

How to Apply
  1. Register: To start receiving your rebate, please register (tells us where to mail the check). If already registered, skip to the next step.
  2. Calendar & Deadlines: View the calendar to determine what you can claim for and when the deadline is to submit. 
  3. Claim: Every Quarter if you have a completed home, remodeling project, or multi-family unit that used any of our participating Manufacturers, complete and submit the current Rebate Claim Form. If you are struggling to follow the steps, watch this video for a demonstration: Tutorial Videos on How to Claim
  4. Once your Rebate Claim has been submitted, please view our Claims Process link for detail on when you will receive your Remittance Statement and your Rebate Check.
  5. Contact the Member Rebate Program with any specific questions you may have.

If you are a builder or remodeler and a member of the Home Builders Association of Greenville, you will only gain from participating in this program. Contact Home Builders Association staff if you have further questions about this program.