Friday, September 9, 2016

Seeking New Lumber Sources in Chile

The National Association of Home Builders today completed four days of productive talks with more than 100 Chilean government, trade and industry officials that focused on increasing exports of softwood lumber and other wood products to America.

“We support opening up competition in the U.S. lumber market because we know that it will benefit American families who want to buy homes and U.S. builders who are seeking a steady supply of affordably priced lumber,” said National Association of Home Builders CEO Jerry Howard.”

The talks covered several areas, including establishing contacts among Chilean producers and American buyers and identifying and dealing with any policy barriers to increasing the volume of Chilean exports from their current level.

National Association of Home Builders made contacts with two of the three largest Chilean lumber producers and a number of other smaller producers who all indicated they will work together with their government to help increase exports. In addition, National Association of Home Builders was able to meet in Chile with Swedish lumber producers who expressed an interest in continuing conversations about increasing lumber exports to the U.S. and building a stronger relationship.

The meetings in Chile come at a time when the U.S. and Canada are in discussions over a new softwood lumber trade agreement. Though U.S. home builders would ideally prefer to purchase all of their softwood lumber and wood products from domestic producers, America today does not have the domestic capacity to meet its demand for lumber. Canada is by far the largest exporter of softwood lumber into the U.S. The latest three-year average share of Canadian imported lumber in the U.S. market is 28%.

A nine-year softwood lumber agreement between the U.S. and Canada that established a system of fees and quotas on Canadian imports to the United States that were triggered in response to changes in the market price of softwood lumber expired last October. The two nations are now engaged in a one-year “cooling off” period – meaning no trade disputes can be filed by either country regarding softwood lumber imports – until October 12.

Since the 1980s, numerous disputes have disrupted trade patterns, leading to unnecessary cost increases for industries such as home building that rely on softwood lumber, and straining U.S. relations with its neighbor to the north. This short-sighted political stalemate has left the American housing sector in the lurch.

As U.S. and Canadian negotiators discuss the parameters of a new agreement, National Association of Home Builders believes that it must be mindful of the U.S. housing market to ensure American consumers have access to a stable, dependable and affordable lumber supply.

Though Chile currently holds just 1.22% of the U.S. lumber market, National Association of Home Builders sees great potential for growth because the two nations have a free trade agreement.

“As the U.S. housing recovery continues to pick up steam, the demand for softwood lumber will grow,” said Howard. “This is why expanding lumber trade with Chile can benefit both nations. Chile would have the opportunity to increase its exports and market share to the United States, while U.S. industries such as housing that depend on a reliable supply of softwood lumber would be able to meet the housing needs of American consumers and to keep lumber and housing affordable.”

Congratulations, Herb Yingling!

Please help your Home Builders Association congratulate Herb Yingling, the new Chief Building Official at Greenville County.  Herb was previously the Commercial Plan Review Manager.  He succeeds John McLeod, who retired in July.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Professional Women in Building Week is September 12-16

The National Association of Home Builders Professional Women in Building Week celebrates the contributions of women as a visible component of the residential construction industry and provides an occasion for all members across the National Association of Home builders federation to collectively raise awareness of the impact made by women through activities that promote, enhance and support housing and women in the industry.

Join us in celebrating our own Professional Women in Building Council and all of the professional women in our industry. If you are interested in joining the Professional Women in Building Council, please contact Abbey at (864) 254-0133 or via email.

Houzz, More Available Through Member Advantage

A few weeks ago the Home Builders Association of Greenville hosted a Houzz University training session for our members. A Houzz professional flew to our office in Greenville to guide members through the process of setting up a Houzz page and explaining which features are important to increasing viewership of their business on the social media platform. Those who attended found the information very helpful, and were pleased to learn more about the resources available to them through their membership.

The National Association of Home Builders Members Advantage program has partnered with Houzz, General Motors, TransFirst, Marsh Health Insurance, Office Depot, Hertz, Lowe's, and many more national companies in order to secure discounted prices for members. Take advantage by mentioning your membership when you buy from on of these companies. A full list of companies and available discounts can be found here.

The Member Advantage Program is accessible to all Home Builders Association of Greenville members. Call the office at (864) 254-0133 if you have questions.