Thursday, October 11, 2012

NAHB's International Builders Show- Las Vegas, Nevada

The International Builders Show is coming up, January 22-24, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The IBS 2013 is the world's largest annual light construction show. It offers hundreds of seminars, exhibits, and special events that allow for learning and net-working. On-line registration is now open, to register click here,you can also book hotel accommodations at special discounted rates by going to the  main page. South Carolina has been assigned the Venetian/Palazzo for $199 plus tax, but keep in mind this is a first-come, first-serve basis so make your reservations ASAP.

And as their website states"What you learn in Vegas wont stay in Vegas!"

Your HBA membership saved you $61,580*! *Estimated savings per licensed S.C. homebuilder due to efforts made by the HBA.

In 2012, the home builders associations’
(HBA) efforts saved the home building
industry more than $615.8 million. For
every $1 invested in HBA dues, members
received more than a $2,500 return!
Your HBA influences government on all
levels. Our goal is to protect affordable
housing and to stop needless regulatory
costs, which ultimately trickles down and
effects everyone who works in the home
building industry and every homebuyer.
If you know of someone who makes their
living in the construction industry, but
is not a member ask them why. Keep our
industry strong and ask that they join the
HBA today to make sure they have a job
tomorrow! To find an HBA in your area,
visit or call
803-771-7408 you can reach the HBA of Greenville at 864-254-0133

Here are some recent examples!

Multiple-lot Property Tax Discount:  $5.8 million  saved!
The new law gives a temporary three-year extension (2012-14
tax years) on the multi-lot discount, plus any remaining time left
on the original five years, to qualified residential developers.  For
builders who had the one-year builder discount in 2009, 2010, or
2011, they will get an additional three years. In addition, during
the three year “timeout” period, qualified builders and developers
can sell lots to other builders or developers and the discount will
transfer with the lot.  The bill makes permanent changes in the
law to end annual recertification, and provides that subdivisions
platted after May 1 of each year may still get the discount in that
year by paying a very low late application fee ($100).
Mandatory Fire Sprinklers:  $100+ million saved!
The SC Building Code Council voted to adopt the 2012
IRC including a mandatory fire sprinkler provision, but the
HBA was able to have the mandate excluded.

Water Flow Requirements: $500+ million saved!
To support mandatory residential fire sprinklers (IFC 2012) 
the SC Building Codes Council voted to increase   water
flow requirements across the state. The HBA and its allies
were able to remove this modification to the benefit of
every citizen in the state. The building codes will now go to
the General Assembly for approval with implementation as
early as July 2013.  

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

HBA of Greenville recognizes the Political Action Committee (PAC) Donations

With the elections around the corner and all hype surrounding it. The HBA of Greenville would like to thank the members who contributed at the donor level and higher to the Political Action Committee. Silver Hammer donors are Graham Proffitt and Rick Quinn. Bronze Hammer donors are Joseph Hoover and Lou Hutchings. Please keep in mind that with out your dollars going to the PAC some of the National, State, County, and City regulations could have been more harmful to the building industry.
Some of the things your local SC Builders PAC has done for you include:
  • Construction GL insurance- supported a bill that protects against faulty construction claims.
  • Fire Sprinkler Bill- stopped the mandate of residential fire sprinklers
  • Permit Extension Bill- Passed a bill that temporarily extends the term of permits.

Keep in mind that these "wins" have saved the housing industry millions of dollars and please remember that the HBA of Greenville does have a Government affairs Committee, email Michael Dey at for more information or if you would like to become involved.