Monday, December 19, 2016

Lot Leads - Get the Dirt on Available Lots

Your HBA has been alerted to a lot for sale in Greenville. See below for details:
Location: 6.42 Acres Woodland Drive Greenville, SC 29617, just 3 miles from Downtown Greenville, in area of homes off Poinsett Hwy between Cherrydale Point shopping center and Furman University.
Directions: From downtown Greenville, take Poinsett Highway 2.8 miles past Cherrydale Point shopping center. Take left onto Woodland Drive. Entrance to property is between two white houses on the right approximately 0.4 miles
Lot Details: Suitable for single family or rezone for multi-family development. Pre-approved preliminary subdivision plan available for consideration or develop as desired. County has pre-approved access drive, road location and cluster development. Currently zoned R10 but adjacent to RM20. Ample city water with access to new 6" main. Sewer main easement on property with pre-approved capacity. Property is wooded with very tall hardwood for timber. 
Contact: Tax Map Number 0438000101001. Priced to sell quickly at $35/acre - $224,700 total. 
For additional information, please call 864-616-8888.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rising Interest Rates, House Prices Push Thousands Out of the Market

One thousand dollars might sound insignificant when compared to the overall price of a new home. But that relatively small amount of money has a surprisingly big impact on affordability.

The National Association of Home Builders economists recently determined that for every $1,000 increase in the cost of today’s median-priced home, nearly 153,000 American households are priced out and would no longer be able to afford it.

Many builders and developers are finding it increasingly difficult to avoid these price jumps in the face of mounting regulations and government-imposed fees, which can add up quickly and shut the door on a growing number of prospective buyers.

Those numbers become even more eye-opening when looking at potential interest rate increases. With just a quarter-point rise in the rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, approximately 1.2 million people would be priced out of that segment of the market and forced to set their sights lower than a median-priced home—or delay their home purchase altogether.

But the impact varies widely across the country. The effects are more significant in areas where new homes are more affordable.

Eye On Housing recently revealed which states and metro areas have the highest percentage of priced-out households.

Tips for Maintaining a Safe Job Site

Following these eight rules can help workers steer clear of the most common jobsite hazards and keep construction sites looking neat, professional, and well cared for.
  • Hold mandatory safety meetings at the start of each day so that everyone knows the rules.
  • Keep walkways and stairways clear of trash, debris and materials like tools and supplies to prevent tripping and falls.
  • Pick up boxes, scrap lumber and other materials and put them in a dumpster or trash/debris area to prevent fire and tripping hazards.
  • Provide enough light so workers can see any hazards and prevent accidents.
  • Provide an adequate supply of drinking water and restrooms.
  • Always wear personal protective equipment (e.g., hard hats, goggles, gloves, non-skid work boots).
  • Always maintain three points of contact while ascending or descending a ladder.
  • Take regular breaks to reduce the chance of an accident happening due to exhaustion.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

PWB Happy Hour Social

Join the Professional Women in Building Council for their Happy Hour Social at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill on January 17th, from 4-6 p.m. This event will include drinks, appetizers, and networking with other top professionals.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Our Deepest Condolences

Our hearts sincerely go out to our Keller Williams family, April & Jacob A Rogers & family who kissed their 4 year old baby girl Jovie for the last time the morning of December 7th. Jovie was diagnosed with a stage IV Glioblastoma cancerous brain tumor in late June of this year. If you would like to support her loving family, consider bringing a meal, helping with medical expenses, or sending love on her support page.

The arrangements for Jovie's Celebration of Life service will be Sunday, December 11th, at 2 p.m. at North Hills Community Church in Greenville. Following the service, there will be a coffee and dessert reception at East North Church.

Any time Jovie was asked what her favorite color was, she would say "All of the colors". It is her family's request that you wear bright colors at this celebration of her beautiful life. All are welcome.

Saturday there will be a private burial. Please pray for peace for Jovie's family. We extend our deepest condolences.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Now Hiring - Join The Arthur Rutenberg Homes Team

From the Home Builders Association of Greenville Job Board.
On-Site Sales Consultant, Arthur Rutenberg Homes
Arthur Rutenberg Homes is seeking an On-Site Sales Consultant to work in a model home in a high profile community. Applicants must have a SC Real Estate license, prior experience selling high end real estate, and preferably 2 years of documented sales success. Click Here for more details.

Congress Reinstates Health Reimbursement Arrangements

In a major victory for home building firms and other small businesses across the land, the Senate today passed the 21st Century Cures Act, a comprehensive health care package which includes a provision to allow employers to provide Health Reimbursement Arrangements to help their employees pay for health insurance.

The House approved the bill last week and President Obama is expected to sign the measure into law shortly.

“National Association of Home Builders has been spearheading efforts to reinstate the use of Health Reimbursement Arrangements since the IRS issued guidance prohibiting their use,” said National Association of Home Builders Chairman Ed Brady. “This bipartisan legislation is an important step forward to allow small business owners to help their workers with rising health care costs and to ensure more Americans receive affordable health coverage. At the same time, it will protect employers against outrageous fines for providing this cost-sharing option to their workers.”

Health Reimbursement Arrangements allow small businesses to offer pre-tax dollars to insured employees to help pay premiums and/or other out-of-pocket costs associated with medical care and services. Most small companies do not have human resource departments or benefits specialists. Health Reimbursement Arrangements offer these businesses a simpler, easier way to help their employees to obtain health coverage.

The Internal Revenue Service issued guidance in 2013 stating that employers are no longer able to use Health Reimbursement Arrangements because they don’t meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Not only did the IRS make Health Reimbursement Arrangements illegal, the agency decreed that all employers can face fines of $100 per day per employee if they offer this benefit to their workers. That can add up to $36,500 per employee over the course of a year and up to $500,000 per company. This $100 per day penalty went into effect on July 1, 2015.

National Association of Home Builders has led the charge working independently and with a coalition of other business organizations to remedy this injustice by calling on the IRS to revoke its ruling on the use of Health Reimbursement Arrangements and pushing for a congressional solution.

At National Association of Home Builders’ urging, a section was added to the 21st Century Cures Act that would reinstate the use of Health Reimbursement Arrangements and rescind the punitive IRS penalties associated with them.

“National Association of Home Builders commends Congress for bringing choice and affordability to the health care marketplace by allowing small employers to once again use Health Reimbursement Arrangements,” said Brady.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

U.S. House Prices Rise 1.5 Percent in Third Quarter

From the Federal Housing Finance Agency:

U.S. house prices rose 1.5 percent in the third quarter of 2016 according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency House Price Index. House prices rose 6.1 percent from the third quarter of 2015 to the third quarter of 2016. The Federal Housing Finance Agency's seasonally adjusted monthly index for September was up 0.6 percent from August. The House Price Index is calculated using home sales price information from mortgages sold to, or guaranteed by, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Federal Housing Finance Agency has produced a video of highlights for this quarter.

"Our data indicate that the deceleration in home price growth that we observed in late spring proved to be short-lived," said Federal Housing Finance Agency Supervisory Economist Andrew Leventis. "While price growth in select markets has cooled somewhat, for the U.S. as a whole, the third quarter showed no evidence of a widespread slowdown."

While the House Price Index rose 6.1 percent from the third quarter of 2015 to the third quarter of 2016, prices of other goods and services were nearly unchanged. The inflation-adjusted price of homes rose approximately 6.0 percent over the last year.

Significant Findings
Home prices rose in 49 states between the third quarter of 2015 and the third quarter of 2016. Delaware and the District of Columbia were the only areas not to see price increases. The top five states in annual appreciation were: 1) Florida 10.7 percent; 2) Oregon 10.4 percent; 3) Washington 10.4 percent; 4) Colorado 10.0 percent; and 5) Utah 9.5 percent.
Among the 100 most populated metropolitan areas in the U.S., annual price increases were greatest in the Tacoma-Lakewood, WA (MSAD), where prices increased by 12.9 percent. Prices were weakest in New Haven-Milford, CT, where they fell 1.7 percent.
Of the nine census divisions, the South Atlantic division experienced the strongest increase in the third quarter, posting a 1.8 percent quarterly increase and a 7.1 percent increase since the third quarter of last year. House price appreciation was weakest in the New England division, where prices rose 0.8 percent from the last quarter.

Tables and graphs showing home price statistics for metropolitan areas, states, census divisions, and the U.S. as a whole are included on the following pages.

Other Price Indexes

Most statistics in the quarterly house price index report reference price changes computed by Federal Housing Finance Agency's basic "purchase-only" House Price Index. In some cases, however, the reported statistics reference alternative price measures. The Federal Housing Finance Agency publishes – and makes available for download – three additional house price indexes beyond the basic "purchase-only" series. Although they use the same general methodology, the three alternatives rely on slightly different datasets as follows:
"Distress-Free" house price index. Sales of bank-owned properties and short sales are removed from the purchase-only dataset prior to estimation of the index.
"Expanded-Data" house price index. Sales price information sourced from county recorder offices and from Federal Housing Agency-backed mortgages are added to the purchase-only data sample. This index is used annually to adjust the maximum conforming loan limits, which dictate the dollar amount of loans that can be acquired by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
"All-Transactions" house price index. Appraisal values from refinance mortgages are added to the purchase-only data sample.

Data constraints preclude the production of all types of indexes for every geographic area, but multiple index types are generally available. For individual states, for instance, three types of indexes are available. The various indexes tend to correlate closely over the long-term, but short-term differences can be significant.

Release of New Experimental County Indexes

Beginning with this release, Federal Housing Finance Agency is publishing a set of experimental annual house price indexes for counties across the country from 1975-2015. The indexes are constructed using the typical "repeat-transactions" methodology Federal Housing Finance Agency already uses. Unlike Federal Housing Finance Agency's other price indexes, however, the county indexes are annual price measures, meaning that a single index value is produced for each year. The county indexes complement a set of previously released five-digit ZIP code measures, and may be valuable to analysts seeking data on localized home price movements.


Federal Housing Finance Agency's House Price Index tracks changes in average home prices by analyzing changes in home values for the individual properties. The underlying "repeat-transactions" methodology constructs index estimates by statistically evaluating price appreciation (or depreciation) for homes with multiple values over time. The purchase-only House Price Index uses sales price information from Fannie Mae- and Freddie Mac-purchased and Enterprise-guaranteed mortgages originated over the past 41 years. The purchase-only House Price Index is estimated with more than seven million repeat transactions. A video shows the basic methodology behind the Federal Housing Finance Agency House Price Index.

Fannie-Freddie to Raise Conforming Loan Limits in 2017

The Federal Housing Finance Agency today announced that the maximum baseline conforming loan limit for mortgage loans acquired by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2017 will increase to $424,100 from $417,000. This will be the first increase in the conforming loan limit since it was raised to $417,000 in 2006.

The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 established $417,000 as the baseline loan limit and mandated that after a period of price declines, the baseline loan limit would not be permitted to rise until home prices had returned to pre-decline levels.

The loan limit will rise 1.7% in 2017 because the Federal Housing Finance Agency has determined that the average U.S. home value in the third quarter of this year increased 1.7% above its level in the third quarter of 2007.

Higher loan limits will be in effect in higher-cost areas as well. In areas where 115% of the local median home value exceeds the baseline loan limit, the maximum area loan limit will be higher. The new ceiling loan limit in high-cost markets will be $636,150 (150% of the $424,100) for single-family properties. The previous ceiling was $625,500.

Special statutory provisions establish different loan limit calculations for Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In these areas, the baseline loan limit will be $636,150 for single-family properties, but actual loan limits may be higher in some specific locations. A list of the 2017 maximum conforming loan limits for all counties and county-equivalent areas in the country may be found here.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Request for Volunteers for Committees

Your Home Builders Association of Greenville is requesting volunteers to serve on our committees and councils for the 2017 calendar year. There are several committees with different interest areas, from government policy to community service. Below is a list of our open committees:

Associate Members Committee
Building Codes Committee
Building Committee
Community Service Committee
Government Affairs Committee
Membership Committee
Nominating Committee
Professional Women in Building Council
Sales and Marketing Council
Southern Home and Garden Show Committee

You can find a full list of committees and descriptions here. If interested in serving on a committee, please email

The Home Builders Association of South Carolina is also seeking volunteers to serve on their committees in 2017. Read more about their committees here.

Don't Forget--New Member Reception and Meet the Board Tomorrow (Thursday, Dec. 1st)!

This Thursday, December 1st, your Home Builders Association of Greenville will be hosting a New Member Reception and Meet the Board at our office, sponsored by Pestban. The event is a great chance for new and potential members to meet our Board of Directors, staff, and other members to hear why joining the Home Builders Association is beneficial for your business. If you have questions about the event contact the Home Builders Association at (864) 254-0133 or find out more about joining on our website,

You're invited!
Thursday, December 1, 2016
5:30-7 p.m.
Home Builders Association office
at 5 Creekside Park Ct
Greenville, SC 29615

Sign up Here

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Earn Your CAPS at IBS

The number of adults over age 65 will increase dramatically to around 80 million between now and 2050. Seeing as most wish to remain in their homes as they age, clients will need skilled remodelers to make the necessary home modifications that allow them to age in place.

The Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist designation is your opportunity to reach this fast-growing demographic. And you can earn it in one weekend as part of the 2017 NAHB International Builders’ Show® Pre-Show Courses this January in Orlando.

Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist includes three required courses:
  • Business Management for Building Professionals, Saturday, Jan. 7, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Marketing and Communications Strategies for Aging and Accessibility (CAPS I), Sunday, Jan. 8, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Design/Build Solutions for Aging and Accessibility (CAPS II), Monday, Jan. 9, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Provide a growing population the renovations they need — and build your business at the same time. Regsiter for these courses today.

To register for the international Builders' Show, click here.

DID YOU KNOW? The Professional Women in Building Council is offering travel grants to its members who wish to attend the International Builders' Show in Orlando. Contact Abbey if you are interested.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Have a legal question? The Legal Hotline Has Your Answer

With educational and networking opportunities, several savings programs, and targeted marketing possibilities, it seems that being a member of the Home Builders Association of Greenville has endless benefits. But have you heard about our Legal Hotline? Submit a question to the legal hotline and receive a quick, confidential answer from a qualified attorney at Gallivan, White & Boyd, P.A..

You can access the legal hotline here, or contact your Home Builders Association of Greenville if you have any questions regarding the process at (864) 254-0133.

HBA Legal Counsel Ron Tate addresses the membership regarding the Legal Hotline at a recent general membership meeting.

Housing Starts Jump 25.5% in October

Led by impressive gains in both single-family and multifamily production, nationwide housing starts surged 25.5% in October to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.32 million units, according to newly released data from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Commerce Department. Single-family starts reached their highest level since October 2007 while multifamily production jumped 68.8% from the previous month.

“These robust figures correlate with strong builder optimism in the housing market,” said National Association of Home Builders Chairman Ed Brady. “A firming job market, a growing economy and rising household formations will keep the housing recovery on track into next year.”

“Multifamily production bounced back after an unusually weak reading last month, while single-family starts exhibited unusually strong growth as well,” said National Association of Home Builders Chief Economist Robert Dietz. “Though October’s single- and multifamily production rates are clearly unsustainable, we expect continued growth in the housing sector in the months ahead.”

Single-family starts rose 10.7% in October to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 869,000 units while multifamily production climbed 68.8% to 454,000 units.

Combined single- and multifamily starts posted double-digit gains in all four regions in October. The Northeast, Midwest, South and West increased 44.8%, 44.1%, 17.9% and 23.2%, respectively.

Overall permit issuance edged up 0.3% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.23 million in October. Single-family permits rose 2.7% to a rate of 762,000, while multifamily permits fell 3.3% to 467,000.

Permit issuance increased 12.1% in the Midwest and 7.5% in the West. Meanwhile, the Northeast and South posted respective losses of 21.1% and 2.4%.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Call for Nominations, Year-End Awards

Your Home Builders Association asks that you recommend a member for our annual Builder of the Year Award, Richard A. Ashmore, Sr., Associate of the Year Award, and Remodeler of the Year Award. The awards are given to a member who freely gives of his or her time, efforts and participation in order to make the HBA of Greenville a stronger organization for all of its members. These members serve the industry through participation on HBA Committees and with special projects of the Home Builders Association. Each represents the highest level of integrity and honesty in the home building industry. You can find a full list of winners on our website, but below is a list of recent recipients:

Builder of the Year:
  • Susan Vernon, APB, Dillard-Jones Builders, 2015
  • Gus Rubio, CMB, CGP, APB, Gabriel Builders, 2014
  • Robert Markel, CGR, APB, Hadrian Construction, 2013
  • Wayne Moore, Harold Moore Builder, 2012
  • Thomas Dillard, CGP, Dillard-Jones Builders, 2011
  • Brad Thompson, First Choice Custom Homes, 2010
  • Todd Usher, Master CGP, GMB, Addison Homes, 2009
  • Rick Quinn, Quinn-Satterfield, 2008
  • Ted Smith, Poinsett Homes, 2007
  • Coleman Shouse, Lazarus-Shouse Communities, 2006
  • Ted Smith/Ron Taylor, Poinsett Homes, 2005
  • Keith Smith, Keith Smith Builders, 2004
  • Jim Gregorie, The Gregoria Company, 2003
  • Dan Rawls, Dan Rawls Company, 2002
  • Clyde Rector, Century Remodeling, 2001
  • Bill Fuller, 2000

Richard A. Ashmore, Sr., Associate of the Year:

  • Chuck Childress, BB&T, 2015
  • Ron Tate, Esq., Gallivan, White & Boyd, 2014
  • Bob Barreto, GBS Building Supply, 2013
  • Jon Statom, Palmetto Exterminators, 2012
  • Jason Freeman, J. Freeman and Associates, 2011
  • Scott Presley, Greer State Bank, 2010
  • Eric Hedrick, Cornerstone Contractors, 2009
  • Chuck Childress, BB&T, 2008
  • Tom Ward, Home Team Pest Defense, 2007
  • Scott Presley, Greer State Bank, 2006
  • Lou Hutchings, GBS Lumber, 2005
  • Richard Powers, Piedmont Natural Gas, 2004
  • Sandy Wiygul-Bell, General Shale Brick, 2003
  • Robert Murphy, Advance Central Vacuums, 2002
  • Gary Gilliam, Bank of America, 2001
  • Richard Powers, Piedmont Natural Gas, 2000

Remodeler of the Year:
  • Andrew Woodford, APB, Alan Boone, APR, Advanced Renovations, 2014
  • Mike Freeman, GMB, APB, ACA/Freewood Contractors, 2013
  • Robert Markel, CGR, Hadrian Construction, 2012
  • Clyde Rector, APB, Century Remodeling, 1998
  • Miller Crittendon, 1999

In addition, these awards also may be given to members of the association:
  • Community Service Award
  • Membership Award
  • Spirit of the HBA Award
  • Committee Chairman of the Year Award
  • Rookie of the Year Award 
  • Home Show MVP

These awards may be given to a political or community leader:
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • HBASC Champion of Housing Award 

Award winners will be announced at the Fourth Annual Southern Home and Garden Bridge Awards, presented by GBS Building Supply, on March 30, 2017.  If you know of a member or other person who should receive one of these awards, please send your nomination to Abbey West at Your nomination will be confidential.

NAHB: Greenville Housing Market Returns to Normal

Markets in 146 of the approximately 340 metro areas nationwide returned to or exceeded their last normal levels of a combination of economic and housing activity in the second quarter of 2016, according to the National Association of Home Builders' Leading Markets Index (LMI). This represents a year-over-year net gain of 66 markets.

Greater Greenville Reaches Normal
The Greater Greenville area reached normal levels of economic and construction activity for the first time since March 2008. Greater Greenville fell as low as 77 percent of normal in 2011, and has been slowly improving since then. Greenville now stands at 101 percent.

During the second quarter of 2016, permits in Greater Greenville rose to 74 percent of normal. Housing prices continued to rise and now stands at 133 percent of normal. Jobs are at 97 percent of normal.

"The data bears out the condition in our area that a lack of inventory, created by a lack of production for a sustained period of time, is creating a housing affordability problem," Michael Dey Chief Executive Officer of the Home Builders Association of Greenville, said.

Spartanburg is Normal and Accelerating
Spartanburg reached normal a month before Greenville, and its growth continues to accelerate. At the end of the second quarter, Spartanburg was at 111 percent of normal, but permits have risen to 121 percent. Housing prices in Spartanburg are at a more healthy 116 percent.

"The difference between Greenville and Spartanburg is emblematic of the anti-growth problem in Greenville County," Dey said. "Housing prices prove demand exists, and resistance to development in Greenville County is pushing development to Spartanburg County," he said. "That type of growth pattern is exactly how Sprawl in Atlanta happened."

The Rest of South Carolina
Charleston (117 percent) and Myrtle Beach (110 percent) also have returned to normal. Columbia is nearing normal at 98 percent.

The National Picture
Nationally, all three components of the LMI contributed to the quarter-over-quarter growth in the nationwide score. Permits rose from .46 to .47, prices increased from 1.35 to 1.37, and employment rose from .96 to .97. Over the year, the permits, prices, and employment components expanded by .04, .07, and .02 respectively. Regionally, 79 of the 364 markets, 21 percent, have an LMI Score that is greater than or equal to 1.0 and are considered normal, up from 74 in the second quarter of 2015 and 62 last year.

While most markets do not have an overall LMI score that is greater than or equal to 1.0, a recovery in one or more components has taken place across a number of MSAs. For example, in 26 markets single-family permits have returned to normal. This is unchanged from the second quarter, but 5 more than last year’s total. The number of markets where house prices are considered normal was also unchanged over the quarter at 345, but it is 6 greater than the 339 markets from one year ago. Meanwhile, the number of MSAs where employment has reached or exceeded normal reached 72, up from 64 markets in the second quarter and from 40 markets one year ago.

Of the 364 MSAs included in the LMI, 56 percent saw their score increase over the quarter and 69 percent recorded year-over-year growth. According to the map above, the MSAs with the largest year-over-year increase, those markets where the annual increase in its LMI Score exceeded that of the nation as a whole, were largely located in the West and in the South, and many reside in the former “bubble” states of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida. As illustrated by the first map, many of the markets in these states now have an LMI score closer to the middle of the Score distribution, and off the bottom, indicating that the effects of the crisis in these MSAs are disappearing and the recovery in these markets is taking hold.

To read more about the LMI, visit

Your HBA Honors Top PAC Donors

On November 10 your HBA honored and thanked our top PAC donors with a dinner in their honor.  The dinner is hosted by Rick and Martha Quinn at their home in Travelers Rest.  Rick Quinn, APB, is Chairman of SC Builders PAC, the organization that facilitates your association's participation in the election process.  Rick also is HBA of Greenville Past President and Treasurer and Legislative Chairman of the Home Builders Association of South Carolina.

The members being honored for their contributions to the PAC in 2016 include:

Capitol Club: $1,000 - $2,500
Bob Barreto, GBS Building Supply
Rick Quinn, APB, Quinn-Satterfield

Gold Hammer: $500 - $999
Hal Dillard, APB, H. Dillard Company
Mike Freeman, APB, ACA/Freewood Contracting
Jason Bergeron, APB, Bergeron Custom Homes
Michael Dey, Home Builders Association

Silver Hammer: $250 - $499
Eric Hedrick, Cornerstone Contractors
Joe Hoover, APB, Hoover Custom Construction
Brian Lazarus, APB, LS Homes
Matt Shouse, APB, LS Homes
Bill Kane, APB, Ryan Homes
Jon Statom, Palmetto Exterminators
Richard Powers, Piedmont Natural Gas
Brittany Bailey, APB, Ryan Homes

Please thank each of these industry leaders for their generous support of the PAC.  Also, please click here for a short one-minute video from Rick Quinn on why you should support the PAC.

It is not too late to make a contribution.  Contact Michael Dey at your Home Builders Association at 864-254-0133 or email him at

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November is Spike Appreciation Month

November is Spike Appreciation Month, a time to recognize the efforts of one of the most active and dedicated groups in the membership. Spike members are those who recruit members from those in the building industry who have yet to experience the benefits of joining the Home Builders Association of Greenville.

Congratulations to our top two spike members, Scott Presley of Greer State Bank with over 160 spikes and Graham Proffit of M.G. Proffitt, Inc. with 194 spikes.

Thank you to all of our 2016 Spikes:
Cole, Lewis 
AAA Supply, Inc.

Northcutt, David 
AAA Upstate Plumbing of Greenville

Freeman, Michael 
ACA/Freewood Contracting Inc.

Shepherd, Jonnathan 
ACA/Freewood Contracting Inc.

Usher, Todd 
Addison Homes, LLC

Murphy, Robert 
Advanced Home Products, Inc.

Boone, Alan 
Advanced Renovations LLC

 Pasquarella, Bruce 
Arthur Rutenberg Homes

Smith, Donna
Berkshire Hathaway, C. Dan Joyner

Vaughn, Matt 
Brand Mortgage

Spears, Brian 
Brian Spears Agency/Nationwide

 Paez, Rolando 
Buena Vista Construction, Inc.

Dixon, Mike 
Builders FirstSource

Cowan, Jerry 
Builders FirstSource

Rush, Susan 
Builders Mutual

Hedrick, Eric 
Cornerstone Contractors, Inc.

Dias, Jimmy 
Dias Home Repair & Renovations, Inc.

Vernon, Susan 
Dillard-Jones Builders, LLC

Dillard, Thomas 
Dillard-Jones Builders, LLC

Rusk, Michael 
Eastwood Homes

Edwards, Rodney
Edwards Builders, Inc.

Thompson, Brad 
First Choice Custom Homes

Pitman, Mike 
Fountain Inn Natural Gas

Rubio, Gus
Gabriel Builders, Inc.

Galloway, Michael 
Galloway Custom Homes, LLC

Bell, Mike 
GBS Building Supply, Inc.

Turner, Allan 
General Shale Brick & Block

Spearman, Lynn 
Greenville News

Yerkes, Bruce 
Greer Commission of Public Works

Presley, Scott 
Greer State Bank

Dillard, Hal
H. Dillard Co., Inc.

Markel, Robert 
Hadrian Construction Company, Inc.

Moore, Wayne
Harold Moore Builder, Inc.

Holt, Phillip 
HBS Foam Insulation

Moseley, Benjamin 
Heirloom Stair & Iron, Inc.

Lynch, Scott 
Hollison Custom Homes

Cox, Michael 
Home Builder Ins., LLC a Palme

Greene, Josh 
HomeTeam Pest Defense

Huffstetler, Todd 
HomeTeam Pest Defense

Hannon, Christie 
J. Freeman & Associates, Inc.

Rankin, Susan 
J. Freeman & Associates, Inc.

Lynch, Mark
Jeff Lynch Appliance & T.V. Center

Smith, Keith 
Keith Smith Builders, LLC

Lovelace, Don 
Kevin Whitaker Chevrolet Cadillac

Lazarus, Brian 
LS Homes

Proffitt, Graham 
M.G. Proffitt, Inc

Marchant, Seabrook 
Marchant Co. Inc., The

Beeson, Jay 
Mark III Properties, Inc.

Fay, Jerry 
Milestone Custom Homes

Smith, Dave 
Mobius Construction, LLC

Doehner, Craig 

Statom, Jon 
Palmetto Exterminators, Inc.

Howell, Tim 
Park Sterling Bank

Neal, Nelson 
Peery Construction Company

Powers, Richard 
Piedmont Natural Gas

Long, Deana
PROBuild, East Region

Roy, Todd 
Progress Lighting

Walters, Roy 
ProSource, LLC

Price, Jim 
ProSource, LLC

Quinn, Richard 
Quinn Satterfield, Inc.

Kilgore, Greg 
RSVP Columbia, The Postcard People

Kane, Bill 
Ryan Homes

Sadler, Bob
Sadler Co Inc Of Greenville

Paris, Kevin 
The Sherwin Williams Co.

Huffman, Chad 
Stock Building Supply

Bailey, Chris 
Stoneledge Properties, LLC

Lanxton, Todd 
Superior Walls by Weaver Precast of SC

Cartee, Camille 
The Cook's Station

Childress, Chuck 

Raditz, Robert 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

PAC Appreciation Dinner

Thank you to those who attended our PAC Dinner last Thursday, November 10. The group, which consisted of $250+ donors to the PAC, enjoyed drinks and steak at Rick Quinn's home.

Attendees included Michael and Karen Dey, Rick and Martha Quinn, Bob and Karen Barreto, Mike and Rhonda Freeman, Brittany and Chris Bailey, Eric and Teresa Hedrick, Matt Shouse, Bill Kane, Richard and Mary Powers, Jon and Jennie Statom, Brian Lazarus, Joe Hoover.

If you would like to donate to the South Carolina Builders Political Action Committee, please contact your Home Builders Association of Greenville at (864) 254-0133.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The PWB Is Offering IBS Travel Grants to Its Members

The Professional Women in Building Council is offering its members a chance to apply for a travel grant to attend the International Builders' Show in January, taking place in Orlando, FL. If you are a member of the Professional Women in Building Council and would like to attend IBS in January, please email Abbey for more details on the program and how to apply for the grant.

Calling All Subcontractors

The SC Department of Commerce has partnered with SLS Construction and Home Inc., who was awarded the disaster recovery contract from South Carolina from the October Floods. They will be undertaking a massive rehab project of residential homes damaged or demolished from the flood. They are seeking tradesmen (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, framers, painters, etc.) to get involved with the project.

Interested? Attend the Subcontractor Outreach Event on Wednesday, December 7, 3 - 5 p.m. at Central Carolina Technical College. Click here for more details and to register.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Thank you to our volunteers!

On Friday, November 11, a couple of our contractors and some Clemson students gathered to help mend a fence and build a gate for Thrive Upstate's Generous Garden. This is the second project that the Community Service Committee has helped Thrive Upstate with. Thank you to Tuck Williams of Homes of Hope and Eddie Howard of Howard Custom Builders for leading the way and to our Clemson students Derek Ryan, Adrian Bordon, Morgan Guarner, and William Hosenfeld for volunteering.

If you are interested in helping on our next project or joining the Community Service Committee please contact Abbey at

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Congratulations to Our Clay Shoot Winners!

Last Friday we spent the day with some of our members at the Clinton House for our Annual Clay Shoot. We had 10 teams who came to enjoy the food, weather, and comradery within our industry. Congratulations to our winners:

First Place Team
Piedmont Natural Gas
Richard Powers, Sandy Mills, Wayne Moore, and Mark Berry

Second Place Team
Kyle Mance, Tony Sexton, and Roger Owens

Third Place Team
GBS Building Supply
Nick Campbell, Michael Wilkins, David Kellett, Duffy Powers

Longest String AND Best Individual High Score
Piedmont Natural Gas
Richard Powers

Thank you to our sponsors for this event: Piedmont Natural Gas for presenting, GBS Building Supply for being the lunch sponsor, Progress Lighting for sponsoring the golf carts, and to all of our stand sponsors. Thank you to all of our teams and to The Heirloom Companies for making the special plaques for our winners.

Thank you to Angela Gardner of Zuendt Engineering for the team pictures. If you would like a copy of your team picture, please email Abbey at

Thank you to all of our stand sponsors as well!
Gateway Supply
GBS Building Supply
Jeff Lynch Appliance and TV Center
Piedmont Natural Gas
Progress Lighting
ProSource, LLC
Zuednt Engineering, LLC

Members Save Thousands with Member Rebate

All Home Builders Association of Greenville members are eligible for the Member Rebate Program, which gives money back when you buy from any of the vendors on this list, which you probably already do.

All Builder & Remodeler members can claim for any completed residential addresses from April 1 – September 30, 2016 that used any of the 50+ Manufacturer brands. The deadline to submit will be Wednesday, November 23rd (the day before Thanksgiving!). You can submit claims here, and get more details about the program and how to submit claims here.

Would you like to have deadlines and important dates sent directly to your personal calendar? Just click on the logo in this link to subscribe.

Want to learn about the Member Rebate Program, how to claim, and ask questions? There are upcoming dates available for a 15-30 minute webinar that will explain the program and give you a chance to ask questions. Sign up for one of the available dates here.

Our Sympathies to the Dillard Family

Longtime member Harold L. "Larry" Dillard, 91 of Greenville, SC went to his heavenly home on Sunday, November 6, 2016. 

Born in Easley, SC on March 9, 1925, he was a son of the late Lawrence and Blanche Dillard. He graduated from Easley High School and served in the United States Army for 4 years during World War II. When he returned home, he enrolled and graduated from Furman University. Mr. Dillard worked as an independent insurance claims adjuster and owned Calhoun Claims Service for many years. He also owned and was President of H. Dillard Company, Inc. He built, owned and managed rental properties in the upstate. He always believed and thought everyone deserved good housing. Mr. Dillard was a member for many years of White Oak Baptist Church. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife of 56 years, Dorothy Finley Dillard; and 3 brothers, L.C., Lloyd and Kyle Dillard. He is survived by one son, Hal (a Past President of the Home Builders Association of Greenville) and his wife, Leah; and 3 grandchildren, Logan, Hayden and Heath, all of Greer.

The family would like to give a special thanks to all of the staff at Oakleaf Village at Thornblade. For four years they all made him feel special and at home.

As per the request of Mr. Dillard, a graveside service will be held at 3 p.m. Thursday, November 10, 2016 at the Memorial Mausoleum in Woodlawn Memorial Park with Dr. Ralph Carter officiating. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Spread Truth,, or to the American Leprosy Missions,

Monday, November 7, 2016

Builder Ballot: Tomorrow is Election Day

Today is the big day: Election Day.

David Black (HBA of SC), Coleman Shouse, Richard Powers, Chuck Childress, Michael Dey, and Eric Hedrick meet with Congressman Trey Gowdy to present a campaign contribution from BuildPAC.
The right to vote is not only a privilege, it is a responsibility that each voter should take seriously. Elections are how our country chooses the leaders who will represent our interests in the halls of government.

Your Home Builders Association has formed two Political Action Committees that raise money from our members, screens candidates, and make contributions to the campaigns of the candidates that our Government Affairs Committee members and Board of Directors have determined will represent the interests of the Home Building, Remodeling, Land Development, and Light Commercial Contracting industries.

Election day is Today, Tuesday, November 8. The polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. If you are registered to vote, please plan to go to the polls. Not registered to vote? Why not?

Builder Ballot

S.C. Builders PAC has contributed to the following candidates who will be on the ballot:
  • S.C. Senate District 5: Tom Corbin (R)
  • S.C. Senate District 6: William Timmons (R)
  • S.C. House District 22: Jason Elliott (R)
  • Greenville County Council District 18: Mike Barnes (R)
Build PAC has contributed to the following candidates who will be on the ballot:
  • U.S. Senate: Tim Scott (R)
  • U.S. House District 3: Jeff Duncan (R)
  • U.S. House District 4: Trey Gowdy (R)
About the PACs
South Carolina Builders PAC is a partnership between the Home Builders Association of South Carolina, Home Builders Association of Greenville, and other local HBAs in South Carolina. Its scope is local, statewide, and legislative races.

BuildPAC is a PAC organized under Federal Election Laws and managed by the National Association of Home Builders. It's scope is Congressional races. BuildPAC does not take a position on the Presidency.

The Government Affairs Committee surveys and interviews candidates and makes recommendations for supporting candidates to the Home Builders Association of Greenville Board of Directors, which makes the final decision on local and legislative races. The S.C. Builders PAC Trustees determines contributions for statewide races, and the BuildPAC Trustees determines the contributions for Congressional races.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Corps Letter Clarifies JDs for Wetlands Permits

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers this week issued a Regulatory Guidance Letter in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Hawkes v. United States.

In that decision, the court said that a jurisdictional determination—in which the Corps decides whether a piece of land should be subject to federal oversight under the Clean Water Act—is something that a developer can take to court.

The guidance letter clarifies the differences between the two kinds of jurisdictional determinations and how builders and developers can obtain them.

Jurisdictional determinations are important because developers have no way of knowing whether a feature is jurisdictional simply by looking at it. However, once the Corps issues a jurisdictional determination, it carries significant legal and financial consequences on everything from lending practices to state rules and regulations.

The Supreme Court said in Hawkes that when the Corps determines the precise boundaries of jurisdictional waters on a landowner’s property, that landowner can dispute the determination in court.

The new guidance—the first of its kind issued by the Obama Administration—accepts the Supreme Court decision and provides guidance to the Corps’ staff (and public) explaining when it is appropriate to issue an approved jurisdictional determination or preliminary jurisdictional determinations or not make any determination at all.

The Corps guidance explains that approved jurisdictional determinations are official determinations that jurisdictional waters exist on one’s property, while preliminary jurisdictional determinations are not legally binding. Finally, the guidance provides the forms that property owners are to use when requesting that the Corps conduct an approved jurisdictional determination or preliminary jurisdictional determinations.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Chili Cookoff was a Delicious Success

Our annual Chili Cookoff was another great success this year! Thank you to more than 100 of our members who showed up to try the different chilis, take a look at the newly renovated Ferguson showroom, have some oysters, and enjoy a night among friends. We are grateful to have such a wonderful community in our industry!

A big congratulations to our Chili Cookoff and Dessert Contest winners!

Hottest Chili
Tex Mex Heat
Eddie Howard, APB, Howard Custom Builders

Best Presentation
Sweet Beats Heat
Bryn Brutosky, APB, Ryan Homes

Best Chili
Gale's $10,000 Chili
Richard Bernath, Southern Traditions Window Fashions

Best Dessert
Susan Smith, Ferguson Kitchen and Bath

The Professional Women in Building Council hosted a balloon pop and raffle to raise money for the South Carolina Builders Political Action Committee. Thank you to everyone who popped a balloon and entered the raffle, and congratulations to our many winners!

Thank you also to our sponsors for helping us with this event--thank you to Ferguson for hosting and being the presenting sponsor; thank you to Clark's Termite and Pest Control for providing and cooking the oysters; and thank you to Kevin Whitaker Chevrolet for sponsoring the chili and dessert contests.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Federal Housing Finance Agency Indices Show Little Movement in Mortgage Interest Rates in September

From the Federal Housing Finance Agency:

Nationally, interest rates on conventional purchase-money mortgages were nearly flat from August to September, according to several indices of new mortgage contracts.

The National Average Contract Mortgage Rate for the Purchase of Previously Occupied Homes by Combined Lenders Index was 3.61 percent for loans closed in late September, up 3 basis points from 3.58 percent in August.

The average interest rate on all mortgage loans was 3.60 percent, up 1 basis point from 3.59 in August.

The average interest rate on conventional, 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages of $417,000 or less was 3.73 percent, down 1 basis point from 3.74 in August.

The effective interest rate on all mortgage loans was 3.73 percent in September, up 1 basis point from 3.72 in August. The effective interest rate accounts for the addition of initial fees and charges over the life of the mortgage.

The average loan amount for all loans was $302,900 in September, down $19,800 from $322,700 in August.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Interested in Running for Office? Attend the Upstate Political Leadership Institute

The Greenville Chamber of Commerce will host its Upstate Political Leader Institute on November 9 and 10 from 5- 8 p.m. There will be different topics covered, ranging from "How I Did It" to Raising Money for a campaign. Home Builders Association of Greenville members can get complimentary admission, as we are the sponsor of the event. Please contact Michael Dey and he will get you registered.

Supreme Court to Hear Property Rights Case

The U.S. Supreme Court docket includes a Fifth Amendment “takings” clause case that will undoubtedly affect home builders: Murr v. Wisconsin.

This case deals with the “relevant parcel” rule under the takings clause and can be explained in terms of fractions.

If you own 100 acres and the government takes 40 acres of your land, the fraction is 40/100. The “relevant parcel” is the denominator (100), the total that property courts should use to decide how much of that land has been taken by the government.

In the example, it is easy to determine the relevant parcel, but the Murr case shows why this issue is not as simple as it looks.

In the late 1950s, William Murr bought a small parcel of lakefront property, Lot F, on which he built a family cabin. A few years later, William separately purchased Lot E, the unimproved lot directly adjacent to Lot F. In time, the titles for both lots were passed on to Murr’s children.

In 2004, the Murr children began to look into upgrading the family cabin, but they required the proceeds from the sale of the unimproved Lot E to finance these upgrades. Unfortunately, local regulations prohibited the children from selling Lot E by itself because of minimum lot size restrictions. Further, the children could not develop Lot E because of a local ordinance prohibiting development of adjacent lots if owned by the same person.

In short, the Murr children were left with no options for Lot E except to keep it in its unimproved condition.

The Murr children brought a claim for the 100% taking of Lot E only. They did not include any claims for Lot F. However, the government argued that the relevant parcel for purposes of takings analysis was Lot E combined with Lot F; thus, the taking would be far less than 100% since Lot F is not affected by the government regulation.

The Wisconsin appellate court agreed with the government, and ruled that because the two lots are geographically contiguous and under common ownership, takings analysis requires combining the two parcels when determining the loss of economic value. This is despite the fact that Lot E and Lot F were created as legally separate lots, taxed separately, purchased at separate times, and passed on to the children at separate times.

As a legal side note, there is a huge difference when a landowner claims a complete taking (100%) of property as compared to a partial taking under 100%. A landowner subject to a complete taking is automatically entitled to just compensation (referred to as a Lucas taking). A landowner subject to a partial taking is subject to an additional hurdle: the Penn Central legal test. Penn Central takings cases are very difficult for property owners to win.

It is easy to see how this decision could affect the home building industry. For example, if a home builder has completed the first phase of a project and the government prohibits the development of Phase II, it would be very difficult for the builder to establish an unconstitutional taking if the relevant parcel includes the entire site.

National Association of Home Builders submitted an amicus brief to ensure that the interests of home builders are heard by the Supreme Court. The court has not scheduled a date for oral argument, but it is likely to take place sometime in 2017.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

FHFA House Price Index Up 0.7 Percent in August

From the Federal Housing Finance Agency:

U.S. house prices rose in August, up 0.7 percent on a seasonally adjusted basis from the previous month, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency monthly House Price Index. The previously reported 0.5 percent increase in July remained unchanged.

The Federal Housing Finance Agency monthly House Price Index is calculated using home sales price information from mortgages sold to, or guaranteed by, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. From August 2015 to August 2016, house prices were up 6.4 percent.

For the nine census divisions, seasonally adjusted monthly price changes from July 2016 to August 2016 ranged from no change in the West North Central division to +1.2 percent in the New England division. The 12-month changes were all positive, ranging from +3.3 percent in the Middle Atlantic division to +7.9 percent in the Pacific division.

Monthly index values and appreciation rate estimates for recent periods are provided in the table and graphs on the following pages. Complete historical downloadable data and House Price Index release dates for 2016 and 2017 are available on the House Price Index page.

For detailed information on the House Price Index, see House Price Index Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The next House Price Index report will be released November 23, 2016 and will include monthly data through September 2016 and quarterly data for the third quarter of 2016.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Historic Beattie House For Sale

The Beattie House, constructed in 1834, is the third oldest structure in Greenville, and is located in the East Park Avenue Historic District in downtown Greenville. The property and house are up for sale, with the Offering Memorendum available on October 21st. Click here for more details.

Builders Get a Free Floor Pass to IBS Thanks to Progress Lighting

As a guest of Progress Lighting, builders have the chance to walk the show floor at the industry's biggest event. The 2017 International Builders' Show will once again co-locate with The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show for the fourth annual Design & Construction Week™, giving you access to two shows in one!

Your free 3-Day Floor Pass will admit you to the exhibit halls of both shows in Orlando. Take the first step and submit your free 3-day Exhibits Only Registration, compliments of Progress Lighting.

The International Builders' Show is produced by the National Association of Home Builders. This year's event will take place January 10-12 in Orlando, FL and is open to all. Regular registration can be found here.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Are You Committing One of These Common Code Violations?

At a recent Builder Breakfast, speakers Buddy Skinner and Ruthie Helms spoke about the common code violations found by the respective cities builder inspectors. After the meeting, both had their inspectors each compile a list of the top five most common code violations for residential construction. Are you committing one of these mistakes?

  1. Incorrect foundation anchorage
  2. Inadequate bracing of rafters (kings and valleys)
  3. Improper span and bearing of porch beams
  4. Improper fasteners of star stringers and landings
  5. Ductwork not properly sealed

  1. Fire blocking
  2. Concrete encased electrode or 2 rods
  3. No pressure on gas lines
  4. Missing hangers
  5. 3" elevation of HVAC

  1. Wrong size breaker on condenser unit
  2. Draft stop of stairs, fireplaces, and chases
  3. Inadequate foundation anchoring
  4. No grounding electrode
  5. No or low pressure on water test supply

  1. Air trapped in lines - underground plumbing not completely filled with water
  2. Steps and chases not properly fire blocked/draft stopped
  3. Foundation straps not installed per manufactures instructions
  4. test is not on gas and water lines
  5. Outside HVAC units not 3 inches above final grade

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Join Simpsonville Now in Their Roast of Ralph Hendricks, HBA Past President

The Roast of Ralph Hendricks will take place Thursday, October 20 at 6:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church of Simpsonville. This event will honor a century of commitment to community from Ralph, a past president of your Home Builders Association of Greenville, and will benefit Simpsonville Now, an organization dedicated to the future of Simpsonville.

Individual tickets are $50, and $400 per table. Contact Timothy Brett for more information and to RSVP.

Reduce Liability with Online Risk Management Course

Many builders find liability insurance to be scarce, expensive and restrictive. In this environment, builders must use comprehensive risk management strategies to reduce construction risks and other exposures.

The Risk Management and Insurance for Building Professionals live online course will help companies understand and apply fundamental risk management and insurance concepts. It takes place over three consecutive Tuesdays: Nov. 1, 8 and 15, from 1-3 p.m. ET.

Participants in this course will learn how to:
  • Grasp and apply insurance terminology to their businesses
  • Use non-insurance risk management strategies
  • Recognize the basics of the types of insurance coverage needed
  • Structure company insurance and risk management programs with help from brokers and counsel

Registration is open until 3 p.m. ET, Monday, Oct. 31. Home Builders Association of Greenville members save $100 off the $299 price.

Monday, October 10, 2016

BuildPerks Deadline Reminder

BuildPerks is a loyalty rewards program designed for builders and those in the building industry that Home Builders Association of Greenville members have access to. Visit their website and create your profile today!

As a reminder for those already enrolled in the program, you have until October 15 to finish your monthly reports.

Friday, October 7, 2016

How Many Bathrooms in the Typical New Home?

The share of new single-family homes with three or four full bathrooms has increased in the last several years, according to the latest Survey of Construction data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

As National Association of Home Builders economist Carmel Ford reports in a recent Eye on Housing blog post, this trend may reflect the move by builders to focus on higher-end, larger homes in the post-recession period. However, recent data indicate that this trend started to reverse: the median square feet of new homes declined in the second quarter of 2016. Growth in the number of smaller homes, such as townhomes, may emerge going forward in response to first-time buyers returning to the market.

Of new single-family homes started in 2015, 4% have one or less full bathrooms, 59% have two full bathrooms, 27% have three full bathrooms, and 10% have four or more full bathrooms.

The Figure 1 chart below shows that from 2005 to 2015 the share of new homes with two full bathrooms or less edged downward while the percentage of new homes with three or four full bathrooms increased.

View the Eye on Housing blog post for more details.

Voter Registration Information

From the South Carolina Elections Commission:

COLUMBIA, S.C. (October 6, 2016) - All South Carolina voters will now have more time to return voter registration applications for the 2016 General Election. This will provide additional opportunity for citizens to register who are affected by voter registration office and post office closures related to Hurricane Matthew. Post offices are also closed on Monday, October 10 due to a federal holiday.

The following deadlines apply to all South Carolina voters:

Registration by Mail: Any voter registration by mail application that is postmarked Tuesday, October 11 will be accepted.

Online Voter Registration: Any online voter registration application submitted by Sunday, October 9 will be accepted (application must be submitted by 11:59 p.m., October 9).

Applications submitted by fax or email: Any faxed or emailed application received by county voter registration offices by Sunday, October 9 will be accepted (application must be received by 11:59 p.m., October 9).

In-person applications at county voter registration offices: Voters must register in person no later than Saturday, October 8. NOTE: Due to Hurricane Matthew, some county voter registration offices are closed through Saturday.

Click here for NAHB's video on voter registration.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Time Is Running Out--Register Today

The Sales and Marketing Council of the Upstate is hosting a Panel Event for local builders, sales agents, and marketing professionals. Join us at Jeff Lynch Appliance and TV Center on October 13, from 8:30 - 10 a.m. Find out the secrets from industry leaders on how to build lasting relationships with builders, remodelers, and sales agents, and where to find inventory for your client. The discussion will be moderated by Tammie Smoot, MIRM, of Builders Digital Experience. Breakfast is included!

The expert panel includes:
  • Brandon Eich, APB- Arthur Rutenberg Homes
  • Scott Lynch, APB- Hollison Custom Homes
  • Holly May- Realtor, Coldwell Banker Caine
  • Haro Setian- The Haro Group, Keller Williams
  • Matt Shouse, APB- LS Homes
  • Donna Smith- Broker, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

HBA of South Carolina Elections

Six members of the Home Builders Association of Greenville have been nominated for election to positions with the HBA of South Carolina. The election will be held on October 23 at the Home Builders Association of South Carolina Board of Directors meeting in North Charleston. The meeting is held at the end of the State Convention.

HBA of Greenville members who have been nominated are:

Rick Quinn, APB, Quinn-Satterfield, Vice President (President in 2018)
Wayne Moore, APB, Harold Moore Builder, Secretary (President in 2020)
Jon Statom, Palmetto Exterminators, District 4 Associate Director *
Tom Dillard, APB, Dillard-Jones Builders, District 4 Vice President *
Todd Usher, APB, Addison Homes, National Association of Home Builders Director
Richard Powers, Piedmont Natural Gas, National Association of Home Builders Associate Advisory Committee

* these are contested elections because other members have been nominated to these positions.

Congratulations and thank you to these members for agreeing to the opportunity to serve your Home Builders Association as leaders.

If you would like to attend the State Convention at the North Charleston Marriott October 21-23, visit to register.

How Our Local Governments Cooperate

Did you know that after a natural disaster, our local building officials and other governmental staff assist other communities to assess the damage so that they may qualify for emergency disaster assistance?

The cities of Greenville and Greer, and Greenville County, send staff certified in damage assessment to assist neighboring communities. After the October floods, which occurred one year ago this week, our local officials were in communities like Columbia and Greenwood helping them assess damage. And as Hurricane Matthew approaches, they are again preparing to travel across the state to assist.

We each should be proud of our local governments for the work that they do, and the way that they assist one another, and our fellow South Carolinians, in a time of crisis.