Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November is Spike Appreciation Month

November is Spike Appreciation Month, a time to recognize the efforts of one of the most active and dedicated groups in the membership. Spike members are those who recruit members from those in the building industry who have yet to experience the benefits of joining the Home Builders Association of Greenville.

Congratulations to our top two spike members, Scott Presley of Greer State Bank with over 160 spikes and Graham Proffit of M.G. Proffitt, Inc. with 194 spikes.

Thank you to all of our 2016 Spikes:
Cole, Lewis 
AAA Supply, Inc.

Northcutt, David 
AAA Upstate Plumbing of Greenville

Freeman, Michael 
ACA/Freewood Contracting Inc.

Shepherd, Jonnathan 
ACA/Freewood Contracting Inc.

Usher, Todd 
Addison Homes, LLC

Murphy, Robert 
Advanced Home Products, Inc.

Boone, Alan 
Advanced Renovations LLC

 Pasquarella, Bruce 
Arthur Rutenberg Homes

Smith, Donna
Berkshire Hathaway, C. Dan Joyner

Vaughn, Matt 
Brand Mortgage

Spears, Brian 
Brian Spears Agency/Nationwide

 Paez, Rolando 
Buena Vista Construction, Inc.

Dixon, Mike 
Builders FirstSource

Cowan, Jerry 
Builders FirstSource

Rush, Susan 
Builders Mutual

Hedrick, Eric 
Cornerstone Contractors, Inc.

Dias, Jimmy 
Dias Home Repair & Renovations, Inc.

Vernon, Susan 
Dillard-Jones Builders, LLC

Dillard, Thomas 
Dillard-Jones Builders, LLC

Rusk, Michael 
Eastwood Homes

Edwards, Rodney
Edwards Builders, Inc.

Thompson, Brad 
First Choice Custom Homes

Pitman, Mike 
Fountain Inn Natural Gas

Rubio, Gus
Gabriel Builders, Inc.

Galloway, Michael 
Galloway Custom Homes, LLC

Bell, Mike 
GBS Building Supply, Inc.

Turner, Allan 
General Shale Brick & Block

Spearman, Lynn 
Greenville News

Yerkes, Bruce 
Greer Commission of Public Works

Presley, Scott 
Greer State Bank

Dillard, Hal
H. Dillard Co., Inc.

Markel, Robert 
Hadrian Construction Company, Inc.

Moore, Wayne
Harold Moore Builder, Inc.

Holt, Phillip 
HBS Foam Insulation

Moseley, Benjamin 
Heirloom Stair & Iron, Inc.

Lynch, Scott 
Hollison Custom Homes

Cox, Michael 
Home Builder Ins., LLC a Palme

Greene, Josh 
HomeTeam Pest Defense

Huffstetler, Todd 
HomeTeam Pest Defense

Hannon, Christie 
J. Freeman & Associates, Inc.

Rankin, Susan 
J. Freeman & Associates, Inc.

Lynch, Mark
Jeff Lynch Appliance & T.V. Center

Smith, Keith 
Keith Smith Builders, LLC

Lovelace, Don 
Kevin Whitaker Chevrolet Cadillac

Lazarus, Brian 
LS Homes

Proffitt, Graham 
M.G. Proffitt, Inc

Marchant, Seabrook 
Marchant Co. Inc., The

Beeson, Jay 
Mark III Properties, Inc.

Fay, Jerry 
Milestone Custom Homes

Smith, Dave 
Mobius Construction, LLC

Doehner, Craig 

Statom, Jon 
Palmetto Exterminators, Inc.

Howell, Tim 
Park Sterling Bank

Neal, Nelson 
Peery Construction Company

Powers, Richard 
Piedmont Natural Gas

Long, Deana
PROBuild, East Region

Roy, Todd 
Progress Lighting

Walters, Roy 
ProSource, LLC

Price, Jim 
ProSource, LLC

Quinn, Richard 
Quinn Satterfield, Inc.

Kilgore, Greg 
RSVP Columbia, The Postcard People

Kane, Bill 
Ryan Homes

Sadler, Bob
Sadler Co Inc Of Greenville

Paris, Kevin 
The Sherwin Williams Co.

Huffman, Chad 
Stock Building Supply

Bailey, Chris 
Stoneledge Properties, LLC

Lanxton, Todd 
Superior Walls by Weaver Precast of SC

Cartee, Camille 
The Cook's Station

Childress, Chuck 

Raditz, Robert 

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