Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NAHB: Our housing stock is getting older

The American owner-occupied housing stock is growing older. And this fact may signal future increased demand for both remodeling and new home construction over the long-term.

Data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development American Housing Survey (AHS) reveal that the median age of an owner-occupied home in the United States was 34 years old as of the 2009 survey. This is 11 years older than the median age reported by the 1985 AHS (23 years old).

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  1. I have been looking at homes, mostly show homes, for a while now, my husband likes to fantasize about what we will do when we win the lottery, and have seen some building trends which we find horrific and I wonder why builders to them. I am going to point them out so builders realize how odd these things are.
    The worst is no door on the bathroom. I just do not understand this. Also I have seen a couple homes where the master bedroom has a built in fireplace that is doublesided with the other side going into a public room in the house - stupid feature too unless the couple lives alone as the double sided fireplace can be seen right through. Also I dislike having to walk through the bathroom to get to the closet. Although married I still like privacy in the bathroom.
    And why are they putting kids rooms in the basement next to the bar and walk out basement?
    Okay that's it otherwise great blog. Happy building. My house is 20 years old.